Undergraduate program – enrollment by entrance exam distribution

Students who graduated from public or private high schools or have an equivalent degree may be enrolled in this department based on their test grades on specified subjects of College Entrance Examination Center and uniformly distribution by Joint Distribution Committee.

We are the only department in Taiwan to cultivate professionals with knowledge of applied statistics, computer, and business to solve problems among industries. Our main research focuses are financial engineering and actuarial insurance. In order to response to the current trend in business, we proceeded to inter-discipline integration to develop and combine concepts and techniques required at mathematical modeling in finance, accounting, investment, insurance, and management.

The subjects and methods of advanced subjects test are as follows:



Mathematics (I or II)

x 1.00

x 1.00

x 2.00

The ranking method for same grades is 1. Mathematics I; 2. English; 3. Chinese.


Undergraduate program – enrollment by admissions

In order to balance the development appropriateness of students, we have enrolled graduated students from public or private high school since 1997 in accordance with the regulation of diverse university enrollment program. In addition, star program and individual application was added in the 2011 academic year.

A.Star Program – enrollment: 9 students

Subjects and standard for General Scholastic Ability Test

Ranking item for distribution



1、 current grades ranking in the school

2、 Total grades of GSAT

3、 Mathematics grade of GSAT

4、 English grade of GSAT

5、 Chinese grade of GSAT

6、 Average mathematics grade in the school


25th percentile benchmark


75th percentile benchmark

Social Study




Total grades

50th percentile benchmark

B.Individual application – enrollment: 60 students

Scholastic Ability Test in the first stage



Times for Screening

Methods for SAT Grades

Percentage of Admissions Grades





25th percentile benchmark




50th percentile benchmark



Social Study


Total grades

50th percentile benchmark

Advanced subjects the second stage

Mathematics test 50%


Master’s program – entrance exam of Master’s program

The enrollment of our Master’s program started during the academic year 2000 with entrance exams taking place in March and April each year. Group A major in "Financial Engineering” program (4 students) and group B major in the "Actuarial Insurance” program (2 students).

There are two stages in entrance exams for general students: 

The first stage is the test of Chinese (6% of overall grades), English (6% of overall grades), and application document review (48% of overall grades).

Please see the brochure of Master’s program for the current year for all the information on application document review.

In addition to the uniform announcement by admissions team in our school, candidates who passed the first round will be notified for interview by registered mail.

The second stage is an interview (40% of overall grades). 


Master’s program – enrollment by admissions

We started enrolling students for admissions in 2001. There are group A (majoring in financial engineering) and group B (majoring in actuarial insurance) in our program.

Students who graduated (current year included) from global colleges and universities which were recognized by Ministry of Education can apply for admission.

The enrollment of group A (major in financial engineering) has been changed to 4 and group B (major in actuarial insurance) has been changed to 5 starting from academic year 2014.

Applicants shall submit information as follows:

3 copies of annual transcripts of the highest degree (overall academic average grades and ranking shall be included)

3 copies of a study plan

3 copies of an autobiography

Two reference letters (There are reference letter format in our website for your reference)

3 copies of other information (any other information to proof your specialty or professionalism such as mathematics or English ability certification or various certifications). 

Admission method:

First round review (application document review): comprehensive review for transcripts, study plan, autobiography, reference letter, and any other information.

Second round review: It is subject to the success of first round review and based on interview. The grade calculation is:

30% of overall grades for first round review and 70% of which for second round review


Please print information for application document review in A4 format.


Executive Master’s program

The enrollment of the Executive Master’s program was during the 2005academic year, which covered both theory and practice to employed people in professional areas.

Qualification is as below:

Graduated from domestic public or registered private college or university with Bachelor's degree or above.

Graduated from foreign college or university that is recognized by the Ministry of Education with Bachelor's degree or above.

Qualified based on "Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Qualifications for University Entrance Examination” by Ministry of Education (Please see brochure).

In addition to any of the above mentioned qualifications, applicants with Bachelor’s degrees shall have at least 3 years accumulated working experience and at least 1 year for those who have Master’s degree (See brochure for details). Working experience is calculated until August 31 of the current year (same company is not limited). Please note that compulsory military service or alternative service shall not be calculated.

Examination method:

There are two stages:

1.First round: application document review (40% of overall grades)

Comprehensive review of autobiography, study plan, degree, working experience, and other information to proof his professional achievement (see "Description” as below).

2.Second round: interview (60% of overall grades)

◎In addition to announcement, candidates who passed the first round will be notified for interview by registered mail.


Applicants shall use the form attached in the brochure entitled "Working Experience Form”.

The calculation of working experience for this program starts with candidates who have the qualifications. Taking a three-year working experience as example, which means one year after graduation  from a Master’s program, three years after undergraduate program, six years after two-year college or 5-year college, five years after three-year college, and vice versa.  

2 copies of information for application document review shall be typed in A4 format or written in printed, bound in accordance with the "Notice” in the "Personal Information Form for Executive Master’s Program in the Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics” attached in the brochure, and handed out during application.

The information for application document review shall include: 1. Application motives; 2. Details about past work experience; 3. Self-evaluation of work achievement and contribution.

※ The minimum credits for freshman graduation are 27 (thesis not included). 


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