Full Time Professor

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor Tsong-Cherng Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Tsong-Cherng Lee」 Ph. D. in Mathematics, National Taiwan University Ring Theory, Algebra
Professor Yi-Ping Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Ping Chang」 Ph. D. in Statistics, National Central University Statistics, Quantitative Finance, Financial Risk Management
Professor Chih-Hua Chiao Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Hua Chiao」 Ph. D. in Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Actuarial science, Statistics
Professor Min-Chin Hung Portrait of Teacher 「Min-Chin Hung」 Ph. D. in Statistics, North Carolina State University, USA Statistics, Risk Management, Financial Econometrics
Professor Wen-Chang Pai Portrait of Teacher 「Wen-Chang Pai」 Ph. D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering, Tamkang University, Univ.of Kansas Fulbright Visiting Scholar Software Engineering, Management Information systems, Data Mining
Professor Chung-Gee Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chung-Gee Lin」 Ph. D. in Finance, National Central University Financial Engineering, Option Pricing Theory, Financial Computation, Financial Management
Professor Chin-Hsiung Hus Portrait of Teacher 「Chin-Hsiung Hus」 Ph. D. in Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Optimization, Decision Analysis, Quality Management
Associate Professor Shu-Yin Huang-Ma Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-Yin Huang-Ma」 Ph. D. in Mathematics, Brown University, USA Algebra, Complex Analysis, Cryptanalysis
Associate Professor Li-Chen Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Li-Chen Chen」 Ph. D. in Mathematics, University of South Florida, USA Special Functions, Numerical Analysis, Complex analysis
Associate Professor Shing-Her Juang Portrait of Teacher 「Shing-Her Juang」 Ph. D. in Statistics, The Ohio State University, USA Actuarial Science, Statistics


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