Due to the transfer of the production structure of domestic business red from labor intensive to knowledge intensive, the formation of competitiveness in modern businesses will depend on advanced information management and innovative technology application in the future. Based on the report of the Council for Economic Planning and Development as well as the Institute for Information Industry, the demand of information professionals will tremendously increase in the coming 10 years. Therefore, there is a very bright prospect for information professionals.     


The objective of this department is to cultivate professionals in the research and application development of information technology. Our goal is to train students with analysis so as to reasonably determine and solve problems. Students who graduate from this department have broad and diverse employment opportunities. They can go towards each direction of their own specialty or market demand whether in software or hardware perspective. As for further study, they can also apply for global or domestic universities whether in the area of information management, information science, information engineering or based on theory or practice. During the latest decade, students who enrolled in the domestic Master’s program each year made up above 30% of the department.


Established for four decades, our alumni work as critical positions in various industries. Most of them work at companies in the software industry such as software companies, computer centers in various industries, in the government, or have become teachers. Based on the principle of strict training and high rejection rate, all of our graduate students meet the demand of information industry with solid base of computer expertise. In addition, they have fundamental business management knowledge from having studied in the School of Business. Therefore, our graduated students are very popular in the industry.  


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