Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Secretary Husuh-Jen Lee Portrait of   

Overall business management of the undergraduate program in this department.

Downtown 2802 Email Address  
Secretary Hsiang-Yun Wei Portrait of   

Overall business management of the Master’s and the Executive Master’s programs in this department.

Downtown 2801 Email Address  
Head Technician Mei-Chung Hu Portrait of   

Alumni database maintenance, alumni website maintenance, graduate student follow-up questionnaire platform maintenance, alumni activity plan, coordination between alumni and alumni association, alumni e-news interview, writing, and webpage editing and sending, UPS maintenance, property management, check, and report, supplies procurement (toner, paper, etc.), computer distribution for graduate students, computer lab and part-time workers management, related administrative business support

Downtown 2815 Email Address  
Senior Technician Ya-Ju Yen Portrait of   

SUN server management, DELL server management, junk mail filtering server management, multimedia server management (video recording and conversion), network maintenance (network, IP, firewall, etc.), project installation and management, 21 precaution system, information overview system, IP management system, conference room reservation system, budget planning and control, hardware procurement, program design competition, project show, teachers hosting server management, BBS server management, printer maintenance and management, information management lab and certification counseling office management, program design ability test system, faculty and staff members’ computer troubleshooting and troubleshooting request, access control system, software procurement, department webpage maintenance, software counseling for faculty and staff members, and related administrative business support.

Downtown 2816 Email Address  


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