Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor & Chairperson Yu-Chen Kuo Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-Chen Kuo」 Ph.D. in Information Science, National Tsing Hua University Context-aware application, multimedia communication, sensor network, and cloud computing
Professor Yung-Chen Hung Portrait of Teacher 「Yung-Chen Hung」 Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Taiwan University e-commerce, mobile commerce, intellectual property strategy, distributed system, multimedia system, computer networks, and protocol engineering.
Professor Tsong-Wuu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Tsong-Wuu Lin」 Ph. D. in Information Science, National Tsing Hua University Trading strategy and system, information education, computer graphics, and image retrieval
Professor Pei-Min Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Pei-Min Chen」 Ph. D. in Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University Data Mining in E-Retailing
Professor Ching-Shoei Chiang Portrait of Teacher 「Ching-Shoei Chiang」 Ph. D. in Computer, Purdue University Object-oriented technology, software engineering, computer games (serious game with purpose of education), and information education
Professor Shin-Jer Yang Portrait of Teacher 「Shin-Jer Yang」 Master of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Internet technology and application, cloud computing and application, web application system design, network management and security, and information management.
Professor Ching-Ming Chao Portrait of Teacher 「Ching-Ming Chao」 Ph. D. in Computer Science, The University of Iowa Big data, data mining, data warehouse, database, and cloud computing.
Professor Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin」 Ph. D. in Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Information system management, e-commerce, internet marketing, and Innovation Technology Adoption.
Associate Professor Chin-Cheng Lien Portrait of Teacher 「Chin-Cheng Lien」 Ph. D. in Computer, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Financial information management system, software engineering, information system development, and internet.
Associate Professor Sur-Jin Ker Portrait of Teacher 「Sur-Jin Ker」 Ph. D. in Information Science, National Tsing Hua University Business intelligence, and data mining.


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