To foster student engagement in internships and to provide them with real-world workplace experiences, the Career Development Center has launched innovative programs: "Summer Internship Courses" and "Full-Semester Internship Courses." These courses are designed to immerse students in real-world workplaces during their academic journey, significantly boosting their market readiness and competitiveness.

Summer Internship

The summer internship focuses on nurturing the right workplace mindset, offering hands-on work experience, and encouraging reflective learning. It includes two courses: " Workplace Practice And The Cultivation Of Abilities (I)" and "Workplace Practice And The Cultivation Of Abilities (II)", each providing 2 credits. These courses offer students a 1-month or 2-month work experience over the summer vacation.


Target Students: Freshmen to Juniors.

Application Period: During the second semester of each academic year (April-May).

Course Schedule: Includes pre-internship training, followed by internships at various enterprises throughout July and August on summer vacation.

Hourly Requirements: 120-160 hours for a single course, totaling 240-320 hours for both of them.

  • The courses are taught ahead of time during the summer semester, with the credits counting towards the first semester of the next academic year.

Full-Semester Internship

Program Design: This program is structured to support students through the initial adaptation phase, mid-term professional learning, and end-of-term reflective evaluations. It comprises three 3-credit courses: "Workplace Ethics and Practice," "Workplace Practice and Learning," and "Workplace Practice and Reflection," summing up to 9 credits. These courses aim to help students assimilate their internship experiences, ensuring a seamless transition into their desired careers.

Target Students: seniors and fifth-year students.

Application Period: First semester of each academic year (October-November).

Course Schedule: Begins with pre-internship training, leading into full-time internships at businesses during the second semester.

Hourly Requirements: A total of 540-720 hours, not to exceed 720 hours.

  • Eligible students must be nearing graduation with required credits completed or less than 9 elective credits remaining. Approval from their department, the academic affairs office, and parents is mandatory, and full tuition fees for the internship semester are applicable.


(※If the internship is not mandatory for the major or graduation, it must be undertaken with a valid work permit.)


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