General education at SooChow University is a holistic education system. It emphasizes on the balance of 5 types of education. It is divided into the separate fields such as core courses, general education courses and optional courses at the university. The objective of the core courses is to focus on developing students’ basic abilities of being modern intellectuals. The content includes Chinese, foreign language, life concerns, principles of reasoning, physical education, and so on. The goal of the general education courses centers on developing students' general ability besides professional knowledge and skills. The content includes 5 categories. Optional courses at the university provides international academic exchange curriculum taught in foreign languages, advanced foreign language curriculum, Chinese practical training, military training, service-learning curriculum, and so on.

The credit requirements for undergraduate freshman before 102 until the 110 academic year is described as follows:



Master's General Education Credits

Freshman from 102 to 107 academic year

Freshman from 108 to 109 academic year

Freshman from 110 academic year

Core courses


2/2 2/2 2/2

Foreign Language I

2/2 2/2 2/2

Foreign Language II

2/2 2/2 2/2


2 -- --

Life Concerns

-- 1 1

Principles Of Reasoning

-- 1 1

Democracy and Law

2 2 --

Multidisciplinary Trends in Modern Artificial Intelligence

-- -- 1

Career Anchor

-- -- 1

Autonomous Onilne Learning

-- -- 2

General Education Courses

12 12 10






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