Socialization and Aesthetics Education Center was established on August 1st, 2017 (previously known as Extracurricular Activities Division). The object of the education of community and interpersonal relationship is to provide students an environment to experience campus life and to participate in campus associations in order to constitute a healthy and positive outlook on life. Understand the interpersonal and genuine relationships as well as a sensible way of managing things. Actively participate in social activities; provide social services; and achieve the ideal of self-accomplishment and helping others to accomplish. While attending various community educational programs, at the same time, students can develop abilities of organization and leadership fully, thus to cultivate a high degree of self-confidence and to practice to take on responsibilities with courage.

Service categories:

Offering counsel to student associations (of public, art, academic, sport, service, and recreation categories)
Planning of community educational classes and projects
Promotion of service learning and international volunteers
Lending venues for student groups activities

Waishuanghsi Campus:  Grand Complex, 2nd Floor, Room B206
Tel: (02)2881-9471 Extension: 7402~7409
Fax: (02)2883-7327
Downtown Campus:  Building Six , 5th Floor
Tel: (02)2311-1531  Extension: 2341、2342
Fax: (02)2389-3414
E-mail :extracur@scu.edu.tw


Language Advisory Service

Career counseling: Lai,Yu-Chi 886-2-28819471 Ext.7405 


Lai,Yu-Chi 886-2-28819471 Ext.7405 


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