Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Jy-Shiuan Liao Portrait of   

Overall management of the overall business of the group

Group regulations revised

Soochow University Service learning promote Commission 

Teaching Excellence Project Moderator

Chinese students transaction relevant business  

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7401 (Downtown Campus) 2340 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Yin-Chun Chou Portrait of   

Counselling Sports Student clubs.

Handle Waishuanghsi campus community (venue to borrow, borrow site administrative units, community bulletin boards bits planning, corporate by-office, summer vacation site coordination meetings, community equipment room management) related work

Community resources can guarantee cards and related matters and settlement venues venue costs

 Sungai campus community office access management, site planning and coordination of activities

 Management Waishuanghsi campus Wang audio-visual equipment Star Plaza

 School Development Plan Writing and Integration, test tube data matters

 E-portfolio learning portfolio promotion and certification

 Planning campus APP program Excellence Plan (Ng Yuk Competition Merit scholarships)

 SSD community center & office & general classrooms clean landscaping

 The data processing personnel group, particular portfolio adjustment, meetings, public folder management

 E system development, build and maintain, reflect

 School information intelligence platform to develop and build school and teach Zhuo KPI develop, control and enforcement

Write a summary of school history

 Arrange training units related matters

 Academic Affairs at the administrative operations of the assigned treatment window

 Scheduling as early as eight, and the two campuses summer vacation colleagues rotating table

Other related matter.

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7403 (Downtown Campus) 2340 Email Address  
Staff I-Ying Lee Portrait of   

Offering counselor to student service clubs.

Counseling Service of domestic subsidies and sponsorship issues and team reported nuclear matters

 Planning Services team captain and joint training teams go through Service Learning Camp

 Service Learning Office documents signed, the relevant performance Escalation

 Overtime, sympathy, postage remittance fee SMS statistics and control

 Integration, control of student organizations to apply for funds, accounts, reported nuclear-related matters

 Provision, control units, schools, the secondary school budget

 Handle Chain Store bookstore-cum-subsidy funding for student organizations

 Planning summer vacation touring teams condolences

 Other matters assigned

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7408 (Downtown Campus) 2340 Email Address  
Staff Ya-Chieh Song Portrait of   

Offering counselor to the student association, student council, student departmental association, Association graduates and dormitory association.

Counseling community leaders Seminar.

Guide with student self-government bodies elections triple

Planning school student associations and results Competition archives record pay

Handle archives Camp, Camp student government

Review student organizations Application Soochow University campus video kiosks

Management units and official Facebook page, send and receive mail processing unit, community equipment platform

Responsible for youth welfare project promotions (issued travel card, high-speed rail fares, etc.) matters

Planning Ministry of Education to participate in the National Student Association evaluation related matters

Support services personnel Wen Shiren new curriculu

Other related matters.

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7405 (Downtown Campus) 2342 Email Address  
Staff Shin-Yi Chen Portrait of   

Counseling Arts student clubs.

Planning Service Learning combined with dynamic and static display presentation

promote learning for the organization of the Commission services

Planning to promote service-learning curriculum concept

Planning Association of Asian Christian University (UB) Campus and Community Services Co-operation Programme (including community outreach performances)

Apply for summer vacation Joint Service Flag Presentation Ceremony

Planning Group Mayday Joint Exhibition

Other related matters.

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7409 (Downtown Campus) 2343 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Yuan lai Portrait of   

Counseling fraternal student clubs.

Processing student groups related tasks on the Downtown Campus (facility lending, planning of student association poster locations, allocation of student association offices, coordinating meetings of facility used during winter and summer breaks, management of instrument storage rooms of student association ).

Office of the city campus Group access management, venue planning and coordination)

Two campuses equipment loan Group and Group dedicated equipment planning, management, acquisition, management and maintenance of property maintenance units

Handle Group recruit new activities

Assist Group college Schools in primary and secondary schools led community development related business

Group related to order books and finishing

Handle 2 miles (growth) to practice together for social development programs (team competitions, domino contest, railroad tycoon, Room Escape)

Handle 3 miles (challenge) bicycle around the island for social development programs (hundreds of people cycling around Taiwan, the day the twin towers, volunteer travelers, bicycle riding five-stage certification)

Training small vanguard for social development

Integration planning and implementation of social development activities

Other related matters

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7404 (Downtown Campus) 2342 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Hui-Ling Huang Portrait of   

Counseling Academic Group

School meeting Student Affairs meeting, the Treasury Department meeting, the Executive Council and other information Escalation

implementation of a revised capital protection and assistance, the internal control system, the unit responsible for and authorized representative stratified sentence

Jebsen computer document processing

Electronic Document Processing penny

management unit SOP

Internet Login societies registration management and maintenance

Production Centre Annual Calendar SSD

Counseling two campuses servitor business students

apply for school choirs

apply for teachers and students exchange programs (refer to tutor workshops and interviews), souvenirs, medals related business services

assist staff year-end Canxu

Receive Chinese Student Association and the National Education Association extracurricular group activities related posts

Support Super 2017 World Marathon and recruit volunteers Grand Canal

Other matters assigned

(Waishuanghsi Campus) 7407 (Downtown Campus) 2344 Email Address  


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