In addition to the prestigious full-time and adjunct instructors in the School of Business, College of Law, and College of Humanities in Soochow University, our faculty also includes out-campus teachers and experts in on-site practice.


Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Director, EMBA Program/ Professor, Department of Economics, Soochow University Chiu, Yung-Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Chiu, Yung-Ho」 Ph.D., in Economics, University of Mississippi, USA Industrial economics, econometrics, industrial efficiency.
Professor, Department of Accounting, Soochow University / Dean of Academic Affairs, Soochow University Jan, Chyan-Long Portrait of Teacher 「Jan, Chyan-Long」 Ph.D., Nova University, USA Financial accounting, cost and management accounting, intellectual property evaluation, financial statements analysis.
Professor, Department of Economics, Dean, School of Business Tsu-Tan Fu Portrait of Teacher 「Tsu-Tan Fu」 Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia, USA Applied Econometrics, Efficiency and productivity analysis
Professor, Department of Accounting, Soochow University / Director, Center for Business Innovation and Incubation, Soochow University Da-Bai Shen Portrait of Teacher 「Da-Bai Shen」 Ph.D., Tulane University, USA Accounting research, risk assessment, finance.
Professor, Department of Business Administration / Associate Dean, School of Business, Soochow University Liu, Chung-Tzer Portrait of Teacher 「Liu, Chung-Tzer」 Ph.D., in Business Administration, Cleveland State University, USA Information management, customer relationship management, statistical analysis.
Professor, Department of Political Science, Soochow University Liu, Bih-Rong Portrait of Teacher 「Liu, Bih-Rong」 Ph.D., in International Relations, University of Virginia (UVA), USA International politics, international conflict, bargaining theory, small foreign policy, war and peace.
Professor, Department of Sociology, Soochow University / Director, Central and Eastern European Center, Soochow University Chang, Chia-Ming Portrait of Teacher 「Chang, Chia-Ming」 Ph.D., in Sociology, National TungHai University, Taiwan Sociological theory, the development and globalization of sociology, industry sociology, research in Chinese society and Taiwanese businessmen, research in erotic phenomenon, research in Central and Eastern Europe societies.
Professor, Department of Business Administration, Soochow University Shang, Rong-An Portrait of Teacher 「Shang, Rong-An」 Ph.D., College of Management, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Information management, electronic commerce.
Professor, College of Law, National Chengchi University Wang, Wen-Chieh Portrait of Teacher 「Wang, Wen-Chieh」 Ph.D., in Law, National Chengchi University, Taiwan Chinese continental legal system, financial legal system, commercial law, civil law, intellectual property law.
Professor, Department of International Business, National Taipei School of Business Lee, Wen-Jui Portrait of Teacher 「Lee, Wen-Jui」 Ph.D., College of Management, National Taiwan University, Taiwan International business management, international marketing management, international policy management, foreign direct investment.


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