Today, in the world of globalization, the enhancement of students’ global vision is not only contributed to their competitiveness in future career but also related to the future economic development in Taiwan. Our program adopts the core value of enhancing international education content and activities. We dedicate to offer students the broadest international knowledge and to assist them to take the pulsation of global market into the best understanding and command.

Therefore, we periodically hold oversea seminars and encourage professors and students to take part together. We also invite foreign scholars to give short-term lecture to strengthen the collaboration between industry and school and to build up sites for oversea visit and internship.

Our program yearly holds oversea seminars, whose places include those in China, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia. The location of each seminar is decided according to the topic. This activity is conventionally led by the director of EMBA. Since 2007, we have visited Harbin, Tianjin, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, and Chengdu to cooperate with local universities and interact with their professors and EMBA students.


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