◎ Graduated from domestic colleges, universities, or independent institutes; or having a Bachelor degree from military or police schools.

◎ Graduated from foreign colleges, universities, or independent institutes under the regulations adopted by Ministry of Education, and having Bachelor degree. 

Certificated with an equivalent education level under the qualifications for Master Degree in “Standards for Recognition of Equivalent Qualifications for University Entrance Examination” (please refer to the appendix of student admissions handbook).

◎ With one of the qualifications aforementioned: having working experience accumulated for 7 or more years if with Bachelor degree; 5 or more years if with Master degree; 4 or more years if with Ph.D. degree (please refer to the details as follows). Applicants of all of the three types must have 2 or more years of working experience in management. 



The number of years of working experience for this class must be calculated right from the year when one was qualified for the examination. For example, “7 or more years of working experience” means 7 years after graduation from college, 10 years after graduation from two-year college or junior-college, 9 years after graduation from 3-year college. Only when one has more than the appointed working years can he apply for the admission. The rest may be deduced by analogy. 

●For the exact content, please refer mainly to Soochow University Student Admissions Handbook. 


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