1.International Exchange

1.1Partner:Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) School at Texas, US

1.2 Exchange Content :Students from the counseling specialty can have an internship at KIPP.

KIPP was founded by Mr. Mike Feinberg and Mr. Dave Levin after they have completed TFA (teach for America-nonprofit organization) in 1994 in Houston, Texas. This is a 5-public-schools project in order to raise the awareness of schooling for American disadvantaged students and teenagers. The center collaborates with SCU English department to lead the SCU students to intern at KIPP to promote English teaching and continue cultural exchange.

2.Cross-Strait Exchange

2.1.Partner:Renmin University of China

2.2.Exchange content:Set up short-term education curriculum for Renmin University of China as reference; set up courses for innovative education and curriculum design, class management, teenager analysis


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