The Center upholds a belief that it is our responsibility to cultivate our students to become professional, devoted, and caring teachers.

2.Contact Information:

(Center for Teacher Education): Room D0517, No 2 Education Building at Waishuanghsi Campus

Contact Number:

Center for Teacher Education Director Office:02-28819471 ext.6121

Center for Teacher Education Office:02-28819471 ext. 6122-6124



3.Pictures or figures

4.Basic Information about the Center:

The center for Teacher Education was founded in 1996 in response to the need for diversified teacher training pushed forward by the Ministry of Education. This was one of the first approved teacher training programs that were directly subordinate to the office of academic affairs when founded. Due to the program’s features, the department was moved to the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in 1997 and set up an office at the Waishuanghsi Campus. To respond to the diversified education policy promoted by the Ministry of Education, the department was renamed the Center for Teacher Educationin 2004, and set up secondary school education programs and educational practical training courses, as to provide diverse services to Taiwan’s education community.

The mission of the Center for Teacher Training is to train qualified teachers for Taiwan in hopes that students will become professional, dedicated and caring teachers. The center also provides students who are interested in becoming teachers the opportunity for secondary education and in turn develop a second specialty to increase their competitiveness in the workplace. The center trains secondary teachers in 8 major subjects including: Chinese, English, Math, History, Citizens and Society, Counseling, Music and High School Japanese.

5.Development, priorities and teaching specialties

5.1Teaching Specialties

5.1.1.Theory is as important as practice.

Fundamental knowledge and its application are valued equally.

The center aims to groom quality teachers for our country and solidify the professionalism of teachers. This must be done through the consolidation of basic theories on top of actual application abilities. Teachers must be taught to strengthen the connection between these two in order to achieve expertise in teaching.  

5.1.2.Education and specialty knowledge are equally emphasized.

Specialty education must be the core professionalism. The center must carefully plan and connect specialty with education and professionalism to achieve students’ basic training, knowledge, information and expertise; this aims to develop students’ knowledge acquisition abilities in the knowledge revolution trend and effectively plans for the education activities of our future teachers.  

5.1.3.Formal courses and hidden curriculum are equally stressed.

The students’ independent thinking, specialized skills are trained through formal academic courses; in addition, the Center also arranged various hidden curriculum in the hope that students can develop passion in education, participate variety of  activities besides cognitive learning, and help students to become qualified teachers both professionally and spiritually .

5.1.4.Situated participation in real educational sites is arranged according to different phrases  

The Center provides learning activities such as school visits, student internship, to help students become familiar with actual educational sites.

5.2.Focuses in the program

5.2.1.Provide student with experience in course tutoring and services.

5.2.2.Encourage students to engage in various learning activities in order to enhance  professional knowledge.

5.2.3.Strengthen partnership with schools from near and far.

5.2.4.Encourage teachers to conduct academic research.

5.2.5Keep track of graduates and maintain active alumni network.


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