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Staffer Liu,Ssu-Hsien(111.2.1-112.1.31 Leave without pay ) Portrait of   

1.Site management A. Responsible area: The first academic building, Ston memorial hall. B. Cleaning and maintenance C. The floor management and routine maintenance D. Meeting room management, equipment maintenance and repair E. Supervision and management of workers F. Elevator billboard use application, cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Campus environment maintenance A. Two campus environment disinfection, sewage pond, water tower cleaning planning and supervision B. School confidential documents to the incinerator to destroy (once or twice per year)

  2. Affairs of division A. Maintaining equipment, such as print devices, stationery, office desks and chairs, office furniture, and other related items. B. Self-study classroom planning and integration C. The two campus bilingual signage, notices guide planning D. Supporting Lunar New Year Greetings E. Supporting downtown campus business F. Gender business planning and aggregation G. Civil defense、Student monthly pass

  3. Dealing with temporary tasks

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