Based on the main business theme of the promotion of professional teaching development, providing pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) study opportunity, and implementation of teaching counselling system, the Teaching Development Division not only provides the opportunity for new faculty to understand the school and increase interaction between faculty, but also offers a variety of seminars, discussions, and workshops to provide teaching resources needed by both new and veteran faculty. In addition, we set up an appropriate teaching counselling system to help faculty achieve their target of teaching improvement. Since 2008, we have acted as the North Taiwan Teaching and Learning Resource Center Office (renamed to Northern Taiwan as of2010) and are responsible for the overall planning of the district teaching resource center, writing and aggregating proposals, publishing e-news, and smoothly coordinating business between the Ministry of Education and each school.

Teaching Development Division Office

Contact Person:Hsiao, Wen Feng

TEL.: 02-28819471 ext. 5811-5818

FAX: 02-28804118

ADD.: 70, Linhsi Rd., Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan, 111

Office: D0520, 2nd Teaching and Research Building, Wai Shuang Hsi campus, Soochow University



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