President   Wei-Ta Pan,J.D.


1. Appointed President of SCU on 1st April 2012 by the Board of Directors

2. Ideals and Policies

(1) Respect tradition, encourage innovations

(2) Enhance academic research, implement whole-man education

(3) Improve quality and efficiency, converge consensus for cooperation

(4) Develop social resources, strengthen development advantages

 3. Breakthroughs in the status quo and prospects for the future

(1) expand campus sites

(2) enhance financial resources

(3) improve overall environment


Brief Biography

1. Current Position:

President of Soochow University

Professor of Law, Law School, Soochow University

2. Education

JD, University of Nebraska

LLM, Tulane University

LLB, Soochow University

3. Major Experiences


(1) Dean of Law School (2003.08~2009.04)

(2) Chairman, Department of Law (2000.03~2001.07)

(3) Acting Chair, Department of Law (1999.08~2000.02)

(4) Dean of Student Affairs (1998.09~2000.01)



(1) Government Agencies

1. Member, Fair Trade Quarterly Editorial Board (2010.02~2013.01)

2. Member, Central Election Committee (2009.11.04~now)

3. Member, Taipei City Government Regulation Commission (2009.02.01~2012.02.29)

4. Member, Consultation Committee, Mainland Affairs Council (2008.10.01~~2015.09.30)

5. Member, Public Construction Commission/ Rules Committee / Appeals Committee (1998.09~2012.03.31)

(2) Public Non-profit organizations

1. Chairman, Private School Promotion Foundation (2014.09.26~2017.09.26)

2. Chairman, Taiwan Society of health law (2011.03.19~2012.03.30)

3. Director, Sino-Social Welfare Association(2011.03-now)

4. Chairman, China Association of Comparative Law (2008.03-now)

5. Director, Taiwan Jurist Association (2006-now)

6. Master, Straits Jurisprudence Exchange Association (2006-now)

7. Consultant, Constitutional Law Section, Institute for National Policy Research Foundation (2005.12-now)

8. Board Member, Judicial Reform Foundation (2004.08-now)

9. Standing Director, Taiwan Air Transport Association (2003-now)

10. Board Member, ChenChong Chen Yerui Cultural Foundation (2002-now)

11. Arbitrator ,The Arbitration Association of Republic of China (1998.08~now)

12. Board Member, Soochow University Winston Hsiao-tzu Chang Academic Foundation (1992.08-now)

13. Board Member, Modern Women's Foundation (1991-now)


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