1. Future prospects:

    "Program of Creative Cultural Industries" intends to introduce the theory thus to lead to the realistic teaching space. The course is supplemented with elements, including stories, sound, images and symbols to guide students how to use these elements to implementin all aspects of life. The course not only encourages students to generate further interest in the existing contents offered by the departments, but also can stimulate stronger sense of identity among students, thus to add new vitality to the department.

    The ultimate goal of the development of theProgram of Creative Cultural Industries is to establish Soochow University to be one of new force in Taiwan's cultural and creative industries, and even the Pacific’s. A university should not just be limited to the "teaching-oriented" and "research-oriented" developmentpattern, but should actively developtoward the "creative" and "practical" direction. Positioning the Program of Creative Cultural Industries as the center to integrate resources of all schools and departments so that creativity becomes the brand of Soochow University. 


2. Student Development:

    Creative Taiwan emphasizes the integration of interdisciplinary domains. Students learn various interdisciplinary elements including literature, music, drama, and image and video through the course training of this curriculum. Furthermore, through the internship program, students are recommended to and practice in the industry, thus to have relevant occupational capability, early engagement in workplace activities, and to bring new vitality to enterprises. How to create a cultural creative product with spirit of artistic originality and practical functionality, to contribute the integration of design, fashion, creative life industries, to push the trend of industries to be cultural creative, are important topics that students will learn in this curriculum.    


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