1. Curriculum

The courses are divided into two major areas, namely basic knowledge courses and the NPO implementation courses, as follows.  

Basic knowledge courses (required): Introduction to management of non-profit organizations.

-  NPO implementation courses (required): Internship of non-profit organizations.

-  Organization operational function areas (elective): Management of human resources, organizational behavior, social marketing, social work marketing, social work management, financial administration and public budgeting, and service marketing.

Social welfare service and issue initiation areas (elective): Public policy and ecology, social service, social problems, The   exploration of social resources and GIS application, the problem and measure to the aged.


2. Course structure:

(1). Creditsrequired for graduation: 20 credits

(2). Required courses of 8 credits; selected courses of 12 credits, from both "Organization operational function areas” and "Social welfare service and issue initiation areas”.

(3)  Prior to applying this curriculum, if students have taken courses of the curriculum before, such credits can be applied this curriculum up to a maximum of 10 credits subject to the approval of the Curriculum Committee.

Note: The selected courses are available for audit option.


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