Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Hsiu-Chuan Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Hsiu-Chuan Tsai」 Public Administration Doctor of National Chengchi University Public administration, government personnel policies, democratic administration, public service ethics, organizational theory and behavior, organizational trust and politics, performance management
Lecturer Yueh-Chu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Yueh-Chu Lin」 nstitute of Public Administration and Policy, National Chung-Hsing University, M. A. Public administration, Management of human resource, Human relations, Organizational behavior and management, Group dynamics
Associate Professor and Chairperson Li-Khan Chen(Tim) Portrait of Teacher 「Li-Khan Chen(Tim)」 University of North Texas, U.S.A., Ph. D Public management, Local government and politics, Financial management
Professor Shu-Pin Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-Pin Liu」 Ph. D. of University Cologne, Germany German government and politics, European Union, International relations
Associate Professor Chun-Hung Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Hung Chen」 Ph. D. , London School of Economic and Political Science, U. K. Human rights theory, Democratic theory, Contemporary political theory
Lecturer Ju-Dar Shen Portrait of Teacher 「Ju-Dar Shen」 Master of Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, National Sun Yat-Sen University Introduction to Communication, Human rights and democracy, Public policy and ecology, Crisis management, Brand valuation management, Management and marketing for pre-sale products
Associate Professor Shu-Jung Li Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-Jung Li」 Ph.D., Social Work, Columbia University, U.S.A. Social welfare policy, Globalization topics, Poverty issues, Study of Single-parent
Associate Professor Hann-Jong Chueh Portrait of Teacher 「Hann-Jong Chueh」 Ph.D., Social Work, University of Washington, U.S.A. Youth welfare services, Research of social work, Service learning
Associate Professor and Chairperson Kai-Chieh Hu Portrait of Teacher 「Kai-Chieh Hu」 Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University Service marketing, Consumer behavior, Enterprise research methods
Professor Chau-Hung Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Chau-Hung Wang」 Ph. D., in Industrial Engineering , National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. (1990) Operation management, Quality management, Decision support systems, Human-computer interface


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