The Computing Center currently provides the E-mail service for students , faculty and staff. All registered freshmen will be given their E-mail accounts automatically at the beginning of the first semester after the Computing Center receives the registrant roster. Faculty  and staff should apply for an account by filling the "E-mail Application Form”. You can retrieve the application form by visiting Form List (Chinese Version).

We will send the sealed notices of the applicants’ Account ID and password to the applicants.

In order to use the E-mail service, you may follow the instructions(Chinese Version) to send and receive E-mail.


  1. Users are expected to follow the rules of Conduct for Using TANet and Using SU Campus Network while using the E-mail system.
  2. If you encounter any problem while setting up or using the E-mail system, please calling for assistance at 28819471 ext. 2684, or email us


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