Post-Graduate Scholarship/Financial Aid Regulations

Article 1  Regulations are enforced according to “SCU post-graduate scholarship and financial aid policy”

Article 2  Upon receiving the letter from the office of student affairs, music department will distribute the fund as scholarship and financial aid after a meeting is held for discussion by the Postgraduate scholarships/financial aid committee.

Article 3 Departmental Scholarship/Financial Aid Policy :
           1. Scholarship
               1.1  First year and second year master and continuing students that are enrolled in at least 8 credits or more.
            1.2 The grade of required courses must reach 88: Musicology and Music Education must be the required courses (not including the general required courses). If you’re enrolled in more than 2 required courses in the first semester, then the average is taken from these courses.
               1.3. Submit first year transcript。
               1.4. Fill out scholarship application 。
           2. Work and Study- Manage the computers in the music classrooms; manage the borrowing of notes, thesis abstract, thesis and magazines and also keep the tidiness of the music classrooms.
            Post-Graduate students could freely register according to their capability and schedule. Not to exceed 5 hours per week.
﹡Application deadline: A week after the semester starts.

Article 4  Scholarship and financial aid are granted for a total of 8 months: First semester; from October to January next year; second semester from march to June.

Article 5 These regulations are passed by the post-graduate scholarship and financial aid committees which reported to the office of student affairs for execution and amendment. 


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