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Academic Specialties
Academic Objectives

1.Professional legal executive training

    In response to the diversified development of society and the need for legal professionals, training is no longer limited to traditional legal education. The increasing international interaction and the diversity of social development has not only improved the legal system as well as the economic development of the country, nowadays, people need more than just law officers and lawyers, they also need all sorts of legal services. The department of Law provides various professional courses including Business Law, Public Law, Criminal Law, Anglo-American Law, International Law, Financial Law, Fundamental Law and other related topics. The courses emphasize both Civil Law and Anglo-American Law, providing students with a dynamic learning environment and an abundant education to enhance students’ competitiveness.

2.Education that empathizes both theory and practice

   Unlike the traditional legal education which overly empathize theory rather than lawyering skills, the Department of Law encourages heuristic education and provides even training on both knowledge and application. Case study-method is applied in Anglo-American Law courses, building solid foundation from the beginning of students’ study, strengthening their abilities of independ thinking, logical reasoning and  problem solving skills. Furthermore, in order to promote legal knowledge and the spirit of serving others, Legal-aid Services and Promoting Law-related Education Team are available for students to participate. Additionally, by taking part in various moot court and debate competitions, students are able to put what they’ve learned in class into practice and to strengthen their integrating skills when facing all kinds of challenges.

3.Strengthening advanced legal education

    To neutralize  the existent effect the exam-oriented education has on higher legal education, the Department of Law has always been diligent on course designing, with innovative curriculum design and solid legal training, we expect students to have the skill to integrate different fields of knowledge. Moreover, to make the best of our convenient city campus location, we also provide various kinds of Master’s programs and legal courses which help maintaining our education quality and cultivating cross-disciplinary legal professionals.

4.Enhancing the global perspective

    Ever since the foundation of Soochow University, the Department of Law has always valued the cultivation of international legal professionals beyond all things, therefore, we are famous for our Anglo-American Law focused courses which help cultivating students’ global perspective and the training of legal professionals on Anglo-American and International Law. Furthermore, other courses on International and Financial Law are innovated as times changed in order to improve academically. Lately, the Department has signed various agreements on academic cooperation with multiple famous Law schools from Asia, the United States, Japan and Germany. These academic cooperation will not only improve the international interaction but also very helpful for the cultivation of international legal professionals.

5.Cultivating legal professionals with the human solicitude

     The ultimate objective of legal education is to cultivate professionals in order to serve the society, we expect our students will have the courage to stand up for justice and moreover, to possess the belief to care and to contribute. The compulsory course on Legal Ethics (which has been available since 1991), International Human Rights Law and Theories of Human Rights are available for students. The Legal-aid Services founded in 1972 and the Promoting Law-related Education Team founded in 1991 are created to cultivate the healthy characters which possess the essential beliefs of professional ethics and of contribution. 


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