Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Department Chair Chien, Chin-Lung Portrait of   

.Manage departmental affairs

Waishuanghsi 6913 Email Address  
Secretary of Department Lin, Shu-Ching Portrait of   

.Manage administrative documents

.Handle administrative meetings and minutes

.Manage teacher and office staff employment

.Manage departmental affairs and organize material for other school divisions

.Supervise the School Development Projects

.Facilitate departmental self-evaluation and teachers’ evaluations

.Manage budget

.Assist Teaching Excellence Projects for the department

.Other designated affairs
Waishuanghsi 6892 Email Address  
Graduate Student Services Assistant Hou, Chia-Wen Portrait of   

.Facilitate teachers’ research projects

.Apply and document academic research and development

.Assist teacher's academic exchange and conference attendance

.Assist vehicle management and parking space application

.Assist with speeches and symposiums

.Mange gruduate student related affairs

.Mange gruduate students' researchroom

.Other designated affairs

Waishuanghsi 6893 Email Address  
Undergraduate Student Services Assistant Chen, Yi-Chieh Portrait of   

.Manage teachers’ offices, computers and all the experimental equipment

.Manage departmental website

.Manage psychological tests

.Manage departmental property

.Assist the Psychology Department Alumni Association

.Assist undergraduate curricula

.Advise Psychology Department Student Association and facilitate student activities

.Oversee classrooms, equpments and psychological tests booking

.Facilitate internship programs 

.Assist academic exchanges for students

.Other designated affairs 
Waishuanghsi 6894 Email Address  


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