Q1What kind of sporting activities does school offer to students?

A1Office of Physical Education’s schedule include:

-Freshman Cup of first semester (basketball, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis)

-Department Cup of second semester (basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, and softball)

-School Anniversary Activities on March

-Soochow University International Ultra Marathon on November or December

The activity information will be posted on the web page of Office of Physical Education in the beginning of semester and issue it to inform every offices. 


Q2Where can I borrow balls and sport equipments?

A2The Wai Shuang XiEquipment Room is next to Office of Military Instruction in the 1stfloor of Building BThe DowntownEquipment Room is in the basement 1stfloor of Fifth Building. Please present student ID card to Equipment Room for borrowing. Borrowing and returning should be the same day.


Q3What is the opening hour of each sporting room?

A3Each opening hours of sporting room has posted on the web page of Office of Physical Education. Each sporting room has its timetable. If timetable shows no classes at that time, it indicates it is open for use. If students or teachers want to hold sporting activities, please finish the borrowing procedures by rules before a week in advance.


Q4Do sporting classroom open on weekends?

A4Due to the limited school range, many activities on weekends, and the consideration of cost, the sporting rooms will not open on weekends. Please take advantage of recesses from Monday to Friday. 




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