Office of Physical Education was founded in 1995; it is the first tier of school units. It oversees the education, research, activities and competition, gym equipment maintenance and management, PE funding provision and control affairs of all PE teachers and staff; the Physical education group and physical education activity groups were established in April, 2005.

    The goals of the physical education at SCU is to develop the students’ interests in sports, learn sports techniques, improve the kinesiology knowledge, train for physical fitness and adapt the life exercise habits.

    To support PE education and provide extracurricular PE activities, there is a gymnasium, dancing room,  fitness center, and outdoor basketball court; at the Waishuangxi Campus, there is volleyball court, tennis court and track and field area. There is a physical fitness testing center at both campuses to provide the most advanced full examinations.   



(Waishuangxi Campus) Room B303, 3F Complex Building

(Chengchong Campus) Room 6301, 3F 6th building

Contact Numbers :

(WaishuangXi Campus) 02-28819471 Ext. 5604

(ChengChong Campus) 02-23111531 Ext. 2371

Fax Numbers:

(WaishuangXi Campus) 02-2880-1635

(ChengChong Campus) 02-2312-0254

English  Contact:

02-28819471 Ext. 5604     E-mail:





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