1. Objectives

The core assets of cultural and creative industries are "people” and to nurture creative talent is one of the key tasks of national development. "Creative Taiwan ─ Cultural creative industries and development project” action plan aims to transform Taiwan into a hub of emerging cultural and creative industries of the Asian Pacific regions. The establishment of the creative cultural program of School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of Soochow University is a positive response to such a trend, to highlight Soochow University’s characteristics and advantages of development in nurturing talents of creative cultural industries. The program is named "Program of Creative Cultural Industries”. The contents of the program aims to nourish the creative talent in cultural industries; not only encourages students to have greater interest in the existing learning content offered by the department, thus bringing new momentum to the departments; but also helps students to be equipped with advantageous competitiveness for the workplace. As a result, the program establishes Soochow University inthe cradle of the cultural and creative industries development in Taiwan.


2. Features:

In the creative economy, rich and valuable content determines the competitiveness of its products and services. The Program of Creative Cultural Industries promotes a content-driven focus. In order to create a competitive market-driven content, it is required to have substantial capabilities of art and social performance.

The overall development planning of the Program of Creative Cultural Industries hasthree goals, three features and four priorities:

(A) Three goals: "Provide cutting-edge talents of creative cultural industry development”, "Enhance the world competitiveness of departments and students" and "Establish Soochow University to be a major institute adevelopment center Soochow University became the cultural and creative industries."

(B) Three features: Curriculum with emphasis on soft innovation, curriculum with emphasis on content creativity and curriculum with emphasis on discipline crossover.

(C) Four priorities:"Content production", "Digital humanities", "cultural marketing" and "creative management."


3. Contact:

Program of Creative Cultural Industries office

Room D1007, 10th Floor, Second Academic Building, Wai Shuang Hsi campus

Tel: 02-2881-9471 extension 6104

Fax: 02-2883-7110


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