1. Enrollment qualifications:

(1). The curriculum is available for students currently registered at Soochow University and various school systems of other colleges and universities. Students of Soochow University must meet the Soochow University’s requirements of limitation of school years. Students registered to other universities have to be approved by their universities prior to taking courses.

(2). The maximum number of enrollments for each course shall be in accordance with the guidelines of the department.


2. Application process:

(1). To apply to the program, please submit the application of enrollment ofInterdisciplinary Curriculum, transcripts of past years (including the performance percentage ranks of past years), to the Registration Division of the Office of Academic Affairs (applications are accepted on both campuses).

(2). The application acceptance period of the Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Please submit the application in accordance with the specified dates of the school calendar time. (Once accepted, students will attend courses offered the following semester).


3. Selection procedures:

(1). The selection procedures of this curriculum will be conducted by way of evaluation, based on  application data, to determine the acceptance list. 

(2). The acceptance list of this curriculum is given to the Office of Academic Affairs for   announcement.


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