1. Introduction

    Since the 1990s, international, spontaneous, non-profit organizations (NPO) are growingincreasingly and, as a trend in the world,have become the third sector in society and a strong rival of governmental departments and private enterprises. In recent years, due to theeconomic, social and political changes in Taiwan, non-profit organizations have been springing up like mushrooms. In response to the growing trend, the role of non-profit organizations becomes increasingly important each day. How to let non-profit organizations demonstrate its plentiful social vitality and deliver more positive contribution in social welfare depends on cultivating talents to participate continuously in the operation of non-profit business.

    To enhance the understanding of civil society and the non-profit business, to provide the teaching resources and educational training opportunities of the non-profitorganization management, and to create an anticipating school culture that features "diversity, caring, and action", the School specially organized and established the "program of non-profit organizationmanagement". The School hopes that such a program will become one of the key teaching programs with interdisciplinary features, providing teachers with an opportunity to gain teaching alliances, and alsohelp students to develop a secondprofession for their career planning tocope with the trends of the future in social knowledge, economic management and specialized public service. In addition, the program helpsstudents to develop the spirit of caring people, the ability to apply knowledgeof a non-profit organization management on establishing a civil society with social welfare.

2. Objectives 

The program cultivates students to become professional talents for the non-profitorganization management. The goals of the program are:
To understand the social value of non-profit organizations,
To establish the ability of initiating social justice,
To nurture the passion to serve disadvantaged groups,
To gain the professional knowledge and ability of managing non-profit organizations.


3. Contact:

Program of Non-profitorganization Management Office

Room D1007, 10th Floor, Second Academic Building, Wai Shuang Hsi campus

Tel: 02-2881-9471 extension 6104

Fax: 02-2883-7110



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