Language Center
Waishuanghsi Campus, Room G105 of Dai Sung Hall (G building)

Downtown Campus, Room R5315 of the 5th Building


About Us
The Language Center offers English courses for all non-English majors, manages all the facilities of every language lab and helps promote autonomous learning activities.


English courses include Freshman English, Sophomore English, Reinforcement English I, Reinforcement English II and the Program of Applied English. Furthermore, in order to enhance the improvement on students’ English skills, the diversified Special Topic Tutorials provided by the full-time teachers of the Center are conducted in a small class teaching style and available during lunch break.


Administrative affairs include the planning, maintenance and management of the facilities and learnig materials in Self-access Learning Labs and language labs, and assist in the use of facilities for teachers from the Center, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese Language and Culture, and Department of German Language and Culture.


In order to promote the foreign language learning of English, Japanese and German, the Center has developed various successful autonomous learning activities over the years emphasizing interaction and cooperative learning among students.


Academic Objectives

1. Boosting students’ English abilities in order to meet the English graduation requirements for undergraduates of Soochow University.

Freshman English and Sophomore English are applied with graded teaching methodology, offering well-balanced training in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in hope of helping students pass English graduation requirements before their graduation. Moreover, we also offer a Special Topic English Tutorial Program to help strengthen students’ English abilities.  Reinforcement English I and II are supplementary measures to the policy of English graduation requirements available for students who are interested in continuing their English learning while the career oriented Program of Applied English is offered to enhance students’ competiveness.


2. Promotion of autonomous learning.

With the concept of lifelong autonomous learning in mind for students, the Center systematically deploys various kinds of self-learning resources in foreign languages and utilizes them to promote diversified foreign language self-learning activities.


3. Facility service.

To plan, build, maintain and manage the facilities according to the needs of students and teachers as well as the training and consultation on the usage of facilities in order to satisfy the needs of both students and teachers.


Curriculum Features

●  Applying graded teaching methods to increase students’ learning desire and raising the effectiveness of education.

●  Building up autonomous-learner-friendly environment to encourage autonomous English learning.

●  Unified teaching materials and tests for classes of all levels which benefit the collection and analysis of academic data that can later be used in English graduation requirements modification.


Core Abilities

●  Appreciate English and American Cultures

●  Enrich global vision

●  Improve English communication skills

●  Cultivate business English skills

●  Enhance critical thinking skills


Contact Us

Director of the Language Center:02-2881-9471 ext. 6461 Waishuanxi Campus and ext. 2651 Downtown Campus.

Waishuanxi office:02-2881-9471 ext. 6462~6466

Downtown office:02-2311-1531 ext. 2652~2653

Fax:(Waishuanxi Campus)02-2881-9471 ext. 6467

(Downtown Campus)02-2311-1531 ext. 2650



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