Adjunct Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Adjunct Lecturer Chin-Yun, Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Chin-Yun, Lee」 MA in English Language Teaching Studies, University of Brighton, UK Adult English teaching strategies and analysis, English grammar, English conversation and writing
Adjunct Lecturer Lifang Liang Portrait of Teacher 「Lifang Liang」 University of Southern California, Master of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (ME-TEFL) English Teaching, English Curriculum Design
Adjunct Lecturer Lin, Chi-Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Chi-Chen」 M.A. Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Business English, Language and culture
Adjunct Lecturer Tzu-Ping Weng Portrait of Teacher 「Tzu-Ping Weng」 M.A. TESOL, University of Northern Iowa, U.S.A. English Language Pedagogy, Oral Communication Skills, Second Language Acquisition
Adjunct Lecturer Chien-Wen Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Chien-Wen Wang」 M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Chung Yuan Christian University TESOL, Computer assisted language teaching & learning
Adjunct Lecturer I Shuan, Ge Portrait of Teacher 「I Shuan, Ge」 M.A. in Linguistics, Fu Jen Catholic University English Teaching; Chinese-English Translation; Research, Development, and Production of Contents and Functions on Digital Multimedia Teaching & Learning Platforms; Planning and Design on Education, Tourism, etc.
Adjunct Lecturer KIM, GAHYUN Portrait of Teacher 「KIM, GAHYUN」 M.A., National Taiwan Normal University, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Korean Language, Chinese-Korean translation, Korean Curriculum Design, Teaching Materials Writing and Analysis
Adjunct Lecturer YANG YUN JEONG Portrait of Teacher 「YANG YUN JEONG」 PhD, National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Chinese as a Second Language Korean language teaching, Korean culture, tourism Korean, Korean grammar, TOPIK
Adjunct Lecturer Chen, Wei-Chieh Portrait of Teacher 「Chen, Wei-Chieh」 M.A., National Chengchi University, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Learner Agency, Material Development, English Speaking and Writing Pedagogy


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