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Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Chyh-Jang Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Chyh-Jang Chen」 PhD, Department of Japanese Literature and Culture , Toyo University Japanese Language and Linguistics
Associate Professor Tsung-Ho Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Tsung-Ho Lee」 PhD, Applied Language Study, Meikai University Japanese Language Pedagogy
Associate Professor Uen-Ia Juan Portrait of Teacher 「Uen-Ia Juan」 PhD, Social Science Studies, Hiroshima University Japanese Modern Literature, Japanese Foreign Literature, Haiku
Associate Professor Chih-Huei Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Huei Huang」 PhD, Department of Humanities and Sciences, Tokyo University Japanese Modern Literature
Associate Professor Kuei-E Chang Portrait of Teacher 「Kuei-E Chang」 PhD, School of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University (Language and Culture Courses) Japanese Children's Literature, Translation studies
Associate Professor Yi-Hsuan Yeh Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Hsuan Yeh」 PhD, Language and Culture Studies, Osaka University Japanese Language and Linguistics
Associate Professor Shiang-Jou Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Shiang-Jou Chen」 PhD, Foreign Language and Culture Studies, Nagoya University Discourse Analysis, Experimental Phonetics, Corpus linguistics, Psychological Linguistics
Assistant Professor Szu-Yuan Peng Portrait of Teacher 「Szu-Yuan Peng」 PhD, School of Education, University of South Dakota Japanese Language and Linguistics, Japanese Culture, Japanese Language Pedagogy, Multi-Language Pedagogy、English-Chinese-Japanese Translation
Assistant Professor Wei-Jung Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Wei-Jung Lin」 PhD,Graduate School of Language and Culture,Osaka University Language and Culture, Japanese Cultures, Media and Cultural
Assistant Professor Jo-Ting Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jo-Ting Chen」 Doctor of Philosophy of Education,Hiroshima University Japanese Grammar