1.Requirements for admission through selection:

You must meet the following requirements for bachelor, master and doctoral (including continuing education) students.

1.1.Bachelor program students must be in the top 50% for the latest semester. Master and Doctoral program students must possess passing grades for all subjects.

1.2.No disciplinary records during study period.

1.3.Not in schools or study period exceeding the longest period, Education Program eligibility will be automatically lapsed.

2.Study Period: At least 2 years  

3.Procedure for selection

For those of who fulfill the requirements, you must refer to the center website and download application related information to complete the application.

3.1.First phase (30% of your total grade): Departments selection according to professional specialty knowledge and personality traits.

3.2.Second Phase (70% of your total grade): Center selection through education related knowledge and conservation)

4.Recruit all subjects and the corresponding Department



High school Chinese/junior high school language field with specialty in Chinese

Chinese Department

High school English/junior high school language field with specialty in English

English Department

High school Math/junior high school math field with specialty in math

Math Department, Finance Department

High school History/junior high school social study field with specialty in history

History Department  

High school citizen and society/junior high school social study field with specialty in citizen study

Sociology Department, Philosophy Department, Political Science Department, Law Department, Economics Department

High school music/junior high school art and humanity field with specialty in music arts

Music Department

High school second language (Japanese)

Japanese department

High school counselling/junior high school Integrative Activities Learning field with specialty in counseling activities

Social Work Department, Psychology Department



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