Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor and Director Kwang-Jen Lai Portrait of Teacher 「Kwang-Jen Lai」 PhD in Education, National Chengchi University Curriculum design and evaluation, textbook evaluation, classroom management, teaching and learning activities design
Associate Professor Feng-Chien Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Feng-Chien Lee」 PhD in Education at National Chengchi University Sociology of education, youth psychology, psychology of learning, student identity
Associate Professor Shi-Wei Pu Portrait of Teacher 「Shi-Wei Pu」 PhD in Education, National Chengchi University Educational administration, educational action research, education testing and assessment, classroom management
Assistant Professor Cheng-Hsin Ku Portrait of Teacher 「Cheng-Hsin Ku」 PhD in education technology, University of Central Florida Education technology, education multimedia, instructional design, digital learning, educational psychology
Associate Professor Shu-Hwa Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-Hwa Wu」 PhD in Curriculum Theory and Implementation, Simon Fraser University, Canada Curriculum theory and instruction, Sociocultural Theory, Language education and Teaching Chinese as a second language


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