Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Division Director HWANG, JAU-JIAN Portrait of   

Coordinate and supervise the various tasks of the Instructional Technology Division.

Deputy: CHEN, YU-CHIEH 5839
Waishuanghsi 5831 Email Address  
Staff & Secretary CHEN, YU-CHIEH Portrait of   

Establish the promotional capabilities of the MOOCs curriculum:

  • The contact person for developing new course applications and subsidies.
  • Manage Taiwan LIFE platform operations, course enrollment, and marketing and promotional p lanning.
  • Recruit, appoint, mentor, train, and manage teaching assistants, including budget management.
  • Handle the organization of outcome exhibitions.
  • Manage the production and distribution of promotional materials.
  • Coordinate the application and issuance of feedback funds for off-campus courses.
  • Manage the MOOCs Instagram fan page.
  • Oversee the management of MOOCs Open Online Courses.
  • Manage the MOOCs YouTube channel.
  • Manage the application and establishment of non-formal Education Programs Accreditation.

Administrative tasks related to the team

  • In-depth Higher Education Project Integration and Budgetary Fund Control.
  • Document registration desk.
  • Management of shared mailboxes.
  • Procurement and management of assets.
  • Information security point of contact.
  • Compilation and assignment of data and reports.
  • Website management.
  • Recruitment and appointment management of personnel.
  • Management of the Technology Team's Instagram fan page.
Deputy: YEH, YI-HSUAN 5835
Waishuanghsi 5839 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant CHANG, CHIAO-HUA Portrait of   

Enhance the operation of digital platforms

  • Manage and operate the TronClass platform, provide consultation, and promote workshops.
  • Utilize the Zuvio feedback platform.
  • Manage the operation of TronClass servers.
  • Oversee the operation of central servers.
  • Provide digital services.

Manage the digital courses on the TronClass platform

  • Administer and cultivate the Facebook community for the group of teachers involved in digital course operations.
  • Manage the community courses for remote teaching and online instructional modes.
  • Handle inquiries and surveys regarding the number and proportion of self-developed teaching materials or lecture notes.
  • Facilitate applications and consultations for the TronClass Open Online course section.
  • Expand support and services for digital technology.
  • Provide instructional resources using Camtasia and Evercam.
  • Handle the acquisition and management of Google One.
  • Manage the contact window for Google Workspace and backend account management.
Deputy: YEH, YI-HSUAN 5835
Waishuanghsi 5834 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant YEH, YI-HSUAN Portrait of   

Digital Innovative Teaching Environment

  • Manage and promote the borrowing of space in the D0501 virtual studio.
  • Organize lectures as part of the D0501 virtual studio series.
  • Provide technical consultations for the production of the school's Chinese New Year and holiday videos.
  • Offer technical services for audio and video recording and post-production for school-level projects.
  • Provide live streaming services for major on-campus events.
  • Operate a consultation window for live event streaming.

Promote interdisciplinary digital talent development

  • Manage the recruitment and appointment of work-study students for the unit.
  • Assist in facilitating internships and matching for digital talent.
  • Train and manage the digital talent team.

Provide digital services

  • Manage the Facebook fan page for the team.
Deputy: CHANG, CHIAO-HUA 5834
Waishuanghsi 5835 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant HUANG, YI-YING Portrait of   

Program on Building Disaster Resilient Schools

  • The contact person for the Occupational Safety Education and Training Program.
  • The contact person for Laboratory Emergency Disaster Response and Prevention Safety.
  • The contact person for project lecturers, scripts, teaching materials, filming, and post-production.
  • Management and procurement of XR systems and virtual equipment.
  • Promotion of XR teaching technology applications.

Campus Navigation Projects for Waishuanghsi and Downtown Campuses

  • The contact person for AR book recommendations.
  • Coordination of panoramic exhibition scene preservation and promotion.
  • The contact person for MAKAR accounts.
  • Expansion of support and services for digital technology.

Management of the D0508 Teaching Material Production Studio.

Equipment borrowing and management services.

Deputy: HUANG, FANG-TING 5838
Waishuanghsi 5833 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant HUANG, FANG-TING No picture  

Optimizing the Quality Assurance of Teaching Programs

  • Coordination window for distance learning courses and subsidy applications.
  • Undertake the hiring, training, and management of assistants for distance learning.
  • Organize and conduct meetings for the distance teaching team.
  • Internal contact window for the Taiwan Open Course and Education Consortium.
  • Internal coordination window for digital learning course certification.
  • Window for applying for subsidies for digital teaching material production.
  • Undertake the setup of online class feedback surveys.
  • Conduct workshops on digital course operation and interaction.
  • Expand support and services for digital technology.

Management and Maintenance

  • Manage the borrowing of D0507 meeting room.
  • Audit and manage the campus audiovisual information station system.
  • Management of Adobe accounts within the unit.
Deputy: HUANG, YI-YING 5833
Waishuanghsi 5838 Email Address  


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