Further Education:
Apart from literature courses, the department also offers specialized courses in politics, education, social studies, and economy. With such a diversified curriculum, graduates are well equipped for further education. Moreover, due to the transition of German educational system, the number of students who choose to study abroad has also increased. Most graduates of the department choose the following institutes for further education.


Graduate Institute

Area of Specialization

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, NKFUST

The NKFUST department of Applied German Language

Translation, German Language Pedagogy

Fu Jen Catholic University

The Graduate Institute of German Language and Literature

Linguistics, German Literature

Soochow University

Graduate Program, Department of German Language and Culture

German Literature, Philosophy, Pedagogy Studies, Political Studies, etc.

Tamkang University

The Graduate Institute of European Studies

European Law and Political Studies, European Regional Studies, European Politics and Economy Studies.

National Taiwan Normal University

Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism

European History, Culture, Festivals, Tourism, etc.

As well as other Graduate Institutes like the Graduate Institute of TCSL in National Taiwan Normal University.

 Our graduates work in different industies such as international business, tourism, publishing. Besides, some graduates take national exams such as the Civil Service Special Examination for Education and Culture, Journalistic, Diplomatic and Consular and Business Personnel are options as well.


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