Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor and the Director of Department Liao, Kuei-hsiang Portrait of Teacher 「Liao, Kuei-hsiang」 PhD, Doctor of Political Science, University of Marburg German Politics, Comparative Politics of Western Europe, Cultural Policy
Professor Lin, Tsong-Minn Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Tsong-Minn」 EdD, Doctor of Education, University of Frankfurt Comparative Pedagogy Studies, Contemporary Educational Ideology, European Education, Social Education, German Language Pedagogy
Professor Shieh, Jhy-wey Portrait of Teacher 「Shieh, Jhy-wey」 D.Litt., Doctor of Letters, Ruhr-University Bochum German Literature Studies, Literature and Society, Motif Study, Gender Studies, German Language Pedagogy
Associate Professor Lin, Ai-Hua Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Ai-Hua」 Certified German lecturer, Goethe Institute German Children’s Literature, Comparative Taiwanese and German Children’s Literature, German Language Pedagogy
Associate Professor Liu, Yun-Mu Portrait of Teacher 「Liu, Yun-Mu」 PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature, University of Bonn Comparative Literature, German Literature
Associate Professor Stephan Stein Portrait of Teacher 「Stephan Stein」 PhD, Doctor of Chinese Studies Cross-culture Study and Pedagogy, Comparative Literature, Translation, German Language Pedagogy
Assistant Professor Huang, Ching-Shih Portrait of Teacher 「Huang, Ching-Shih」 EdD, Doctor of Education, University of Münster German Language Pedagogy, Second Language Pedagogy, Pedagogy Studies, Multimedia Pedagogy, Translation
Assistant Professor Chen, Tzu-Chun Portrait of Teacher 「Chen, Tzu-Chun」 EdD, Doctor of Education, University of Marburg Philip German Language Pedagogy, Translation and Second Language Pedagogy, Linguistics
Assistant Professor Ursula Grütter-Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Ursula Grütter-Lin」 MA, Graduate Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Zurich German Literature, German Language Pedagogy
Lecturer Chang, Kuo-Ta Portrait of Teacher 「Chang, Kuo-Ta」 MA, Graduate Institute of Business Administration, University of Frankfurt International Business, Business German


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