Further studies:

National graduate school:

The development of graduate schools in the nation has awakened in recent years. As a result, academic standards have been improved and can compete with international academic standards. More than half of our students graduate from the department and attend national graduate schools for further studies by passing the entrance exams held by each school. The result of school application is significant.

International graduate school:

By personal application, admission for graduate or PhD programs from schools in advanced nations such as USA, UK, or Japan may be acquired. The department alumni have high prevalence in succeeding in scholarships. 

Employment trends:

Chemistry is a principle of general science and extensively associated with various fields, such as environmental protection, semi-conductors, bio-technology, food science, pharmaceutical industry, material science, etc. Therefore, professional talents in chemistry are needed. In addition to working at academic organizations, graduates of the department are also active at chemistry plants, high-tech sectors, bio-tech sectors, electronics companies, instrument companies, hospitals, etc. with a promising future.


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