Since the early 20th century, the Department of Chemistry has enjoyed great prestige in inheriting the department, establishing it purpose and has strived to cultivate talents for national construction. The department was re-established in 1970, in Taiwan, and participated in the Joint College Entrance Examination. As to carry forward academic achievements, the department has been equipped with advanced research instruments and books, and has strengthened its team of faculty. Meanwhile, alumni have made great achievements in the academic, industrial and commercial fields. In 1993, the postgraduate programs were founded according to the executive order of the Ministry of Education and opened enrollment the following year. Each year a number of postgraduate students graduate from the Department. Born with the mission of education, the department will foster the talents in science and technology in future.


Educational Objective: Deliver the hard-core talents for society.


Teaching Objective:

1.   Strengthen students’ professional knowledge in chemistry and broaden multi-disciplinary horizons.

2.   Provide experimental trainings to students.

3.   Encourage students’ creativity and independent thinking.



The objective of the department is to cultivate talents in chemistry. With comprehensive training programs, students can build solid foundations in both theoretical and experimental practices. According to personal interests and social demands, students can select courses for their career plan. Different research teams and inter-team collaborations have been formed as the department develops, aiming to benefit humans with its research achievements.

The department has a young faculty team well known with its abundant knowledge basis. The teaching emphasizes on the balance of theory and practice, encourages the engagement of students in advanced researches tending to culture students’ hands on interests and potentials, and in turn lays a solid foundation for future careers.



1.  The teaching and researching emphasize quality over quantity.

2.  Teaching:Strengthen the cohesion among the fundamental disciplines, provide advices to students’ career development and postgraduate planning, and strive to improve students’ language proficiency and data acquiring skills.

3.  Researching: Devote to fundamental disciplines and actively participate in applied researches to improve the nation’s scientific and technologic power.

4.  Counseling and Services: Develop interim plans and commit to implementation on a yearly basis through self-evaluation.


Major tasks:

1.   Teaching: As to conform to the progress of higher education and industrial development, the teachings solidify students basic knowledge and motivates students.

2.   Research: Establish in-department research groups and enhance the connection with domestic and overseas counterparts, and respect the demand management.

3.   Counseling: Value students’ needs, focus on advising rather than disciplinary, enhance the interaction between instructors and students, and develop campus ethics.

4.  Service: Participate actively in industry and technology development in Taiwan, and devote to environmental protection and ecological conservations.


Contact Information

Room M305, Stone Memorial Building, No.70, Linxi Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone (Waishuanghsi Campus): 886-2-2881-9471 ext. 6782, 6792

Fax (Waishuanghsi Campus)886-2-2881-1053



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