1. History
Established in September 1981, the Computing Center has experienced staff expansion and equipment upgrading, and established three divisions in 1992: the system development division, the network & maintenance division, and the administration & consultation division. Although the Computing Center has gone through 9 directors, the staffers of the Computing Center have worked diligently under the supervision of each director, providing Information Technology services to each department or unit. With Information Technology changing so rapidly, to push forward e-campus campaign, the Computing Center recruited 4 IT staffers in 2005 to take charge of the structure and analysis of the e-campus system.
2. Divisions
The affairs regarding the planning and maintenance of the university administration system and its computerization. Promotes the e-campus campaign, mainly focuses on computerizing office administration, and in turn enhances the teaching environment and quality. The systems under the Computing Center: the Academic Affairs System, the Human Resource Management System, the Accounting System, the Student Affairs System, the Alumni Affairs System, the School Sports Day System, the School Affairs System, the Teacher Expertise System, and the Questionnaire Reader Application, etc.
The Network & Maintenance Division is referred to as the Network Division, mainly in charge of the planning, setup and maintenance of the campus network infrastructure, and providing various network services. The backbone is setup based upon Gigabit Ethernet, which can provide 1000Mbps high-speed network services. The authorized security wireless network environment has been setup, and also provides inter-university roaming services among major universities in Taiwan.
Assist the Director of the Computing Center in administrative affairs, as well as cope with computer labs management, software and system consultation, and repair services of PC and peripheral devices. There are 10 computer labs on the two campuses, and a total of 590 PCs, which used for scheduled classes and open-use for students. In particular, 2206 computer lab at the Downtown Campus features a unique and personalized style, specially designed for open-use during regular hours.
3. Future Prospects
E-campus and administrative computerization are the major tasks of the Computing Center. Deeming teachers and students’ needs as its command, the Computing Center has established Information Strategies as to achieve the goals: build up a personalized information system, provide integrated teaching-learning information, promote the information concept, and improve information ability. Hoping to master the trend of IT development and IT application to integrate diversified information, the Computing Center could provide timely and convenient information anywhere and anytime to students, faculty and staff members.
Office of Computing Center
Room 2215, 2F of No. 2 Building, No.56, Section 1, Kueiyang Street, Chungcheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 02-2311-1531 extension:
Administration Consultation Division: 2231~2233, 2236
Network &Maintenance Division: 2681~2684, 2687
System Development Division: 2451~2457, 2742~2748
Fax: 02-2331-3438
Room B513、 B514-1, 5F of Complex Building, No.70, Linhsi Road, Shihlin District, Taipei City 111, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 02-2881-9471 extension:
Administration Consultation Division: 5302
Network &Maintenance Division: 5301,5304
Fax: 02-2883-0404

For further information, please contact Ms.Hsu (extension 2681).


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