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Traveled the world; left your heart in Soochow – Welcome to Alumni Service and Resource Development Center.

The Alumni Service and Resource Development Center upholds the spirit of service for alumni; promotes the alumni information website; publishes Soochow Alumni Magazine and Soochow Sensation Alumni Electronic News; publishes the memorial collection of alumni; selects and recognizes outstanding alumni and creates university memorabilia business. At the same time, the center combines the reunion of alumni in Taiwan and aboard, by gathering support from 21 departmental alumni associations and student associations in the past, and organizes various fellowship oriented,, professional, educational, intellectual and sensational events. These activities enhance wonderful interaction and relations between Soochow and alumni, in hope to effectively cultivate a long lasting relation. Furthermore, according to the needs of development of campus affairs, the center organizes various fund raising events, publishes different forms of pamphlets for fund raising, provides services for expressing appreciation to contributors, in order to gain increasing donation and support from alumni and communities.

Services and Tasks:                                                                                       

"Far-reaching alumni contact service”

- Organize alumni fellowship:

Anniversary alumni dinners, alumni events of various locations, alumni golf tournament, recognition of outstanding alumni  


- Publish alumni specific magazines:

"Soochow Alumni Magazine”: Two edition per year
"Soochow Elites”, the memorial collection of alumni: recognition of alumni who have made special contributions to the country, society or Soochow University, to be published every five years in a form of memorial collection about their stories of struggle to success.


"Alma mater resources and attentive services”

- Agency service for applications of transcript and other certificates: provide services of applying transcripts and certificates on behalf of Rental and applications of "Alumni Social Club”
- "Free Gmail email account for Alumni”, "application of Alumni Wi-Fi service”
- Agency service for allocating alumni information: According to the Personal Data Protection Law, permission from the allocated alumni personally is required.
-Access to gymnasiums of both campuses: Alumni can apply the gymnasium identification from Office of Physical Education and purchase the gymnasium pass (NT$500 each for 10 visits).
- Cadres of the university alumni association and departmental alumni association can apply for the guesthouse on business to Soochow University.
- Rental discounts on campus facilities
- Free admission and discounts of campus art events: The center periodically uses emails or invitation cards to provide news of campus art events.
- Creation and promotion of university memorabilia: The center is in charge of the design, production, management and promotion of the university memorabilia. Alumni can receive discount upon purchase.


"Lifelong diversified advanced study pathways”

- Special rates for classes offered by School of Extension Education: Alumni can receive 20 percents off on tuition (course of special offer excluded) while taking courses offered by School of Extension Education except classes of earning course credits.
- Reading and borrowing books: Alumni can apply permanent library identification for a cost of NT$2000. When the access to libraries is for research, examination preparation, or thesis composition, and the alumni has the job or financial difficulty, the library identification fee can be reduced to NT$1000 and is subject to return after two year.
- Alumni career learning: Services include referral of young alumni for oversee careers, alumni legacy seminars, etc.


"Contribution and donation”

■ Cash donation: Donors can send cash donation via postal service "cash bag” and visit the center in person. Or, contact the center, we will send a courier to collect the cash donation.

■ Postal transfer service: Soochow University postal transfer account: 17422400; account name: Soochow University Donation Account. In the remark area of the form, please provide the title of receipt, year of graduation, purpose of the donation and contact information. 

■ Bank wire transfer:
(in NT Dollars)
Bank Name:Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank
Branch Name:Shih Lin Branch
Address:No.337, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11162, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Beneficiary Name:Soochow University
Account No:300-102-089662
(in US Dollars)
Bank Name:Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank
Branch Name:Shih Lin Branch
Address:No.337, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 11162, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Beneficiary Name:Soochow University
Account No:300-170-015219


■ Donation paid by credit card.

■ Donation of salary: Teachers, staffs and workers can request forms from the center or download the form, "Salary donation – letter of intent”. Drop off the form at the center to complete the process.

■ Donation made to "Private School Funding Foundation” (higher tax deductable amount): Donors who make donation through the foundation to Soochow University are entitled to (individual) 50% or (business entity) 25% tax deductable amount.
■ America and Canada
  • 『 Friends of Soochow 』
  • United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (tax deductable receipts in United States are available)Please specify payable to (Soochow University)
    • Tel:212-8702600
    •  Fax:212-8702322
    •  Address:475 Riverside Drive, Room 1221 New York, NY 10115


Alumni Service and Resource Development Center, office location:

Waishuanghsi Campus, Wang Memorial Hall (Administration Building), 2nd floor, Room A101、A114

Tel:02-28819471 extension 5431~5439、Fax:02-28810422

Address: No. 70, Lin-hsi Rd. , Shilin District, Taipei 11102, Taiwan



For further information, please contact Ms. Yen-Hua Peng (02-28819471 ext. 5433)



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