Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Kai-Li LIU No picture  

Administrating all international affairs

Waishuanghsi 5351 Email Address  
Senior Administrative Staffer Larissa S. P. KAO No picture  
  1. Managing international student affairs,
  2. Serving as the counselor for students applying for the exchange program to make preparation,
  3. Administering counseling services about the life and study of inboard exchange students,
  4. Processing the scholarships of international students and outbound exchange students, and
  5. Assisting affairs of the international academic curricula
Waishuanghsi 5365 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Hsien Ting CHU No picture  

Administrating overseas Chinese students' affairs

Waishuanghsi 5364 Email Address  
Staffer Ching-Ru YU No picture  
  1. Processing all receptions and visits,
  2. International visitors reception,
  3. Managing International educational academic exhibition,
  4. Executing each event of international organizations such as UB, ACUCA, and UMAP,
  5. Administrating internationalization activities, and
  6. Recruiting, training, and supervising the SUSIS volunteer group
Waishuanghsi 5367 Email Address  
Staffer Elaine S.Y. LIU No picture  
  1. Contact window for international agreement,
  2. Managing outbound exchange students,
  3. Executing internationalization projects (student activities) from Ministry of Education
  4. Assisting activities on internationalization, and
  5. Maintaining the website of ICAE
Waishuanghsi 5366 Email Address  
Assistant Yu Wei HSU No picture  
  1. Assisting the outboard research sub-project of the Teaching Excellence Project,
  2. Arranging receptions for visitors.
Waishuanghsi 5369 Email Address  


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