Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor & Chairperson Ling-pei Lu Portrait of Teacher 「Ling-pei Lu」 PhD, History, Auburn University History of American South, African American History, American Civil War, American Historiography
Professor Siu-keung Wong Portrait of Teacher 「Siu-keung Wong」 PhD, Southeast Asian Studies, University of Paris .History of Chinese .Historiography .Method of Historical Studies
Professor Wu-hsiung Chiang Portrait of Teacher 「Wu-hsiung Chiang」 PhD, History, Chinese Culture University .Living History of Chinese Ancients .History of Liao, Chin, Yüan .History of Ming .History of Chinese Borderland
Professor Tzu-shu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Tzu-shu Lin」 MA, History, Fu Jen Catholic University .History of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain .Theories of History-Teaching .Modern Historiography
Associate Professor Ling-ling Kuan Portrait of Teacher 「Ling-ling Kuan」 BA, History, National Cheng Chi University .Contemporary Chinese History .Political History of Republican China
Associate Professor Wan-chien Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Wan-chien Ho」 MA, History, Kent University .General Western History .The History of Early Modern Europe
Associate Professor Sheng-kuang Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Sheng-kuang Lee」 PhD, History, University of Arizona .Thought, Culture and Society in Late Ming China .Culture and Society in Medieval Europe .The Cultural Encounter Between China and the West .Cinema, History and Culture
Associate Professor Long-hsin Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Long-hsin Liu」 PhD, History, National Cheng Chi University .History of Chinese Modern Historiography
Associate Professor Ping Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Ping Ho」 PhD, History, National Taiwan Normal University .Modern Russian History .Russo-Chinese Relations in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries .Modern Chinese Diplomatic History
Associate Professor Jun-feng Yang Portrait of Teacher 「Jun-feng Yang」 PhD, History, National Taiwan University .History of Chinese Medieval History .The Belief of Cisi during Tang-Song Period


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