Title Name Education Expertise
Professor Tao, Hung-Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Tao, Hung-Lin」 Ph. D. in Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, USA Applied Economics, Econometrics
Professor Fu, Tsu-tan Portrait of Teacher 「Fu, Tsu-tan」 Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia, USA Applied Econometrics, Efficiency and productivity analysis
Professor Chiu, Yung-Ho Portrait of Teacher 「Chiu, Yung-Ho」 Ph. D. in Economics, University of Mississippi, USA Industrial Economics, International Economics
Professor Fan, Chinn-Ping Portrait of Teacher 「Fan, Chinn-Ping」 Ph. D. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh, USA Game Theory, Experimental Economics
Professor Lin, Wei-Yuan Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Wei-Yuan」 Ph. D. in Economics, National Chengchi University Artificial Intelligence Economics, Econometrics
Professor Lin, Chin-Hsiung Portrait of Teacher 「Lin, Chin-Hsiung」 Ph. D., in Economics, Fordham University, Bronx, New York City, USA Economic Methodology, Political Economy
Professor Tsaur, Tien-Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Tsaur, Tien-Wang」 Ph. D. in Economics, National Taiwan University International Finance, Income Distribution
Professor Shieh, Jhy-yuan Portrait of Teacher 「Shieh, Jhy-yuan」 Ph. D. in Economics, National Chung-Cheng University Macroeconomics, International Finance
Associate Professor Chang, Shih-Ying Portrait of Teacher 「Chang, Shih-Ying」 Master in Economics, Soochow University Public Finance, Mathematics For Economics
Associate Professor Chen, Yu-Hsia Portrait of Teacher 「Chen, Yu-Hsia」 Ph. D. in Economics, Ohio State University, USA Econometrics


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