Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Head of Division Sychi Chen Portrait of   

Planning and supervising the execution and improvement of Division affairs.

Waishuanghsi 5251 Email Address  
Staff (for English service) Peichen Wu Portrait of   

● Promote and manage Key Performance Indicator mechanisms ●Handle affairs regarding the Teaching Award ●Maintain the database for the long-term tracking of student learning outcomes ●Maintain and fortify the Department Evaluation System ●Maintain the Teacher Portfolio database ●Maintain the webpage of the Division ●Apply for the Teaching Excellence program and archive the final resultant documents ●Write messages and articles for publications and E-newspapers ●Take care of budget filing, execution and management ●Handle official documents of the Division ●Other affairs assigned by the chief

Waishuanghsi 5252 Email Address  
Administrative Assistant Misia Cheng Portrait of   

●Collect and analyze the outcomes of teaching evaluation survey ●Handle midterm Teaching Feedback, Term-End Teaching Evaluation(including hosting related meetings) ●Improve the phased questionnaires for long-term tracking student learning outcomes ● ● Collect and analyze the outcomes of the phased questionnaire survey ●Provide statistic data of duty affairs ●Handle internal-control affairs ● Write messages and articles for publications and E-newspapers ● Other affairs assigned by the chief.

Waishuanghsi 5253 Email Address  


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