The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General and staffed with several secretaries.
The Secretary General is responsible for assisting the President with administrative affairs,managing the Secretariat, coordination among all units, processing of paper work,public relations, internal control, and the oversight of secretary business.


Waishuangxi Campus

President’s Office: A207, 2nd floor, Wang Ch’ung-hui Memorial Hall

Ext.: 5022 FAX: (02)2883-1917

Vice President Dong’s Office: A210, 2nd floor, Chung Hui Hall.

Ext.: 5019 FAX: (02)2883-6282

Vice President Zhang’s Office: A205, 2nd floor, Chung Hui Hall.

Ext.: 5016 FAX: (02)2882-9310


Secretariat: A208, A209, 2nd floor, and A301, 3rd floor, Chung Hui Hall.

Ext.: 5023-5030、5037 FAX: (02)2882-9310


ADD.: 70, Linxi Rd., Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan, 11102

TEL.: (02)2881-9471


Downtown Campus

Office: R2110, 1st floor, Chu Chiu Building

ADD.: 56, Kueiyang St., Taipei, Taiwan, 10048

TEL.: (02)2311-1531 ext. 2930-2931




President’s Office:

Vice President Office’s:


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