Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Guo-Ciang Zeng Portrait of   

Oversee and ensure the smooth delivery of office work.

Waishuanghsi 7101 Email Address  
Staff Yu-Rong Xu Portrait of   
  1. Tuition deduction for students with specific conditions 2. Scholarships 3. Center’s Treasurer 4. Center’s general affairs at downtown campus 5. Registration related affairs
Waishuanghsi 7102 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Sheng-Hsiung Lin Portrait of   
  1. Student credits plan by Education ministry 2. Scholarships 3. Orientation conference for freshman graduate students 4. Management of office mail
Waishuanghsi 7103 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Wei-Chieh Zhan Portrait of   
  1. Freshmen orientation project 2. Planning and implementation of the Love-My-University service project 3. Selection and recognition of outstanding graduates 4. Conference for freshmen’s parents 5. Office general affairs
Waishuanghsi 7104 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Su-Chuan Li Portrait of   
  1. Rewards and Sanctions of students 2. Scholarships 3. Grants for disadvantaged students by Education Ministry 4. Maintenance and management of class officer system 5. Campus Lost and Found
Waishuanghsi 7105 Email Address  
Staff LING-LI CHEN Portrait of   
  1. Promotion of moral education 2. Management of center’s students team of Love-My-University service project 3. Compiling center’s proposals and information for various meetings
Waishuanghsi 7106 Email Address  
Senior Staffer Yu-Ting Wu Portrait of   
  1. Promotion of moral education 2. Soochow scholarship for students with outstanding academic performance 3. Management of the Shun-wen Hall 4. Center’s internal training, off-campus visits 5. Center’s press and media contact 6. Management of center’s students team of Love-My-University service project
Waishuanghsi 7108 Email Address  
Project Assistant Pei-Ting,Chen Portrait of   

1.Ministry of Education Economically Disadvantaged Students Project. 2.Office work of Indigenous Students Resource Center.

Waishuanghsi 7109 Email Address  
Staff Yi-Wen Tsai Portrait of   
  1. Application and arrangement of on-campus jobs for students. 2. Scholarships 3. Between-campus student bus 4. Promotion of legal education
Downtown 2362 Email Address  
Staff Jyun-Heng Lin Portrait of   

1.Assistance and follow-up care for students with urgent financial difficulty 2. Student’s applications of tuition and dormitory payment by installment 3. Scholarships 4. Soochow scholarship for outstanding graduate student freshmen 5. Maintenance of the center’s webpage 6. Compiling center’s data and information.

Downtown 2363 Email Address  


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