Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Lee, Tsung-Ho Portrait of   
  • Overall planning, execution and oversight the affairs in the library.
  • Planning and promoting cooperation with other libraries.
  • Presiding at the library committee meeting and executing the resolution of the meeting.
  • Planning and executing the school budget and government grants related to the library.
Waishuanghsi 5101 Email Address  
Special Commissioner Ming-Hsia Li Portrait of   
  • Assisting the reader services in expansion and development.
  • Guest reception and guidance.
  • Providing the library statistics.
  • Coordinative affairs related to the Public Service Division.
Waishuanghsi 5131 Email Address  
Secretary Shu-Chen Huang Portrait of   
  • Affairs related to the library meetings.
  • Affairs related to the editing and publishing of Soochow University Library Newsletter.
  • Handling administrative business of the library.
  • Liaison services--Department of Law.
Waishuanghsi 5102 Email Address  


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