Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Head Min-Ni Chiang Portrait of   
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Budget Allocation and Management Collection Development
Waishuanghsi 5111 Email Address  
Senior Staff Yu-Ching Chen Portrait of   
  • Acquire Resources in Eastern Materials
  • Resources Sharing with NBINet
  • Supervise Retrospective Conversion
Waishuanghsi 5112 Email Address  
Senior Staff Chu-Yu Lin Portrait of   
  • Acquire Resources in Electronic E-Resources Development
  • Supervise Cooperation with TAEBDC and CONCERT
Waishuanghsi 5113 Email Address  
Senior Staff Yun-Yen Chang Portrait of   
  • Acquire Resources in Western Materials
  • Gift Books and Exchange Materials
  • Resources Sharing with OCLC and Related Conversion
Waishuanghsi 5114 Email Address  
Head Technician Wen-Chi Huang Portrait of   
  • Acquire Periodicals both in Printed and Electronic
  • Serials Control and Services
  • Process and Exchange of Bulletins
Waishuanghsi 5115 Email Address  


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