Program Regulation (applicable to 2023 academic year enrollment):

  • 128 credits in total are required for UPB students to graduate:
  • 24 credits of university-required common courses
  • 31 credits of school-required common courses
  • 38 credits of UPB-required compulsory courses according to student's selected major either in "Business Administration" or "Accounting" since sophomore
  • Another 35 credits of UPB selective courses should be taken
  • Up to 16 credits of selective courses took in three evening divisions are permitted to be recognized (of which up to 6 credits may be taken from university-wide selective courses)
  • Evening Divisions including:
  1. Department of Chinese Literature
  2. Department of English Language and Literature
  3. Department of Japanese Language and Culture
  • Study Period: 4 years


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